Me Resuming…Again…

Following on from the last post, I get a little more philosophical, even theological (were that possible!?!?)


For what it’s worth, here’s my take, in summary:

Government: will screw things up, eventually if not immediately, when it tries to affect certain outcomes (ie. control people, in effect) – rather than simply establishing laws for the land that insist that people treat eachother “well”, and enforce those laws for people that do not treat eachother well.

The Market (ie. people interacting normally with one another) – will screw things up when they don’t treat eachother well, either eventually or immediately. This can happen even within the bounds of very good and reasonable govt laws.

And this is an important part of good governance, IMHO – that sometimes what has been done in a relationship, has been done; there is no way to undo it, though the relationship might be able to be reconciled if the two parties are willing. Consequently, people and govts alike need to understand that, often, the fallout from poor Relationship, resulting from poor Morality, cannot be entirely escaped from or mitigated – and sometimes hardly at all, where, if the parties will not reconcile, the best course of action is to assist in the reconciliation of the Relationship where possible, but largely just comfort the two parties. This may involve justice, also.

But, the core of the issue is poor Morality – not just in word, but in deed.

And people cannot be controlled – ie. they cannot be forced to wholeheartedly and totally embrace a Morality they have not chosen themselves, either wittingly or unwittingly.

What we are experiencing are, essentially, Relationship problems (people interacting with people), brought about by poor Morality. Selfishness and Pride are, ultimately, at the core.

Regulation is necessary, agreed, but only because Humankind is fallen.

The solution(s), therefore, are not generated from outside a person, and particularly not via coercion from an authority. Instead it requires internal change, not the delusion that mere external, human-generated information and influence can “make it all right”, as if the consequences of the execution of poor Morality and poor Relationship can somehow be escaped.

But this is exactly from what we are seeing from the govts of the world, and their system-lackys: the govts try to prevent the consequences of poor Morality and Relationship from manifesting (which they cannot stop), and the private parties are happy to accept the transfer of Relational/Systemic favour, wealth and power.

Hence, the broken status quo largely remains, left to fester under the mis-guided notions that it can actually be saved and somehow it is better to save it – via, in effect, the unjust transfer of Relational privilege (favour, wealth, power) from certain parties to others.

ie. the private parties are happy to not experience the consequences for their lack of wisdom, selfishness and pride; and the govts are happy to not exercise the mandate that people should treat eachother well and that to not do so requires the unfortunate enforcement of consequence.

This is a human tragedy, pure and simple, not a mechanical failure.


2 Responses to Me Resuming…Again…

  1. Hubert Spegel says:

    Thanks for writing that. This is profound thinking rarely seen.

    • Stewart says:

      Thanks for your comment, Hubert.

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