About Me and “The Blog”

I’m a common man, based in Australia, and somehow holding onto a local, national, international and universal view of the world all at once.

I have a beautiful and wonderful young wife, and a beautiful little son, both of whom I love dearly.

I am trained as a chemical and process engineer, and have practiced as such for over 7 years, and have often had my hands dirty with work on the ground. With a passion for pulling ideas apart to see what they are made of and trying to make them better, I have an irresistible process/systems view on the comings-and-goings of life…

…which in both an engineering and real-world sense means that I know just enough about the details to make sense of them, but then scratch my head at the rest, draw black boxes around the whole lot and step back and consider it all from a “big picture”, common-sense point of view!

Generally, I am passionate about many issues in this rational, emotional, physical and spiritual world – as i think they’re all important, interesting and marvelously interlinked!

For this blog, I am really just sharing my thoughts on how the economic and financial world operates as a system in and of itself; and how it interacts with, and affects, the REAL world of the common person, their family and friends, their households and their businesses.

I am not a financial advisor, nor am I pretending to be, nor do I want to be – but I will happily share my opinion respectfully and as relevantly as I can to whoever is interested.

I believe that “values” (in a worldview, moral and ethical sense) affect “value” (in the economic, financial sense), so you will also see this in my writing.

At the end of the day, I hope you can journey with me, as I find “spare time” (ha!) to plumb the depths of that unnecessarily complex world called Economics, and hopefully extract and bring home some basic lessons for us all to chew on.

I hope you can enjoy what I have to say!


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